The dryer for paulownia

Paulownia is a kind of herbal medicine, which is used in many hospitals. However, if this kind of Paulownia herb is not dried after taking it home, this kind of herbal medicine can not be preserved for a long time. In the past, using our traditional drying method to dry was limited. For example, we used coal and boilers to dry Paulownia, however, it always requires personnel to guard, which wastes a lot of labor and material costs, and pollutants will be discharged during the drying process, which is not energy-saving.


Considering the characteristics of paulownia, Shuntec drying equipment factory has manufactured special equipment for drying Paulownia. This dryer equipment uses external air heat to dry Paulownia. During the drying process, the external low-temperature and low-pressure gas are compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas in the compressor, This high-temperature and high-pressure gas are transferred to the condenser to release high-temperature gas and let to dry Paulownia. This cycle is the drying principle of Paulownia drying equipment.

How to dry Paulownia

The drying time is generally 15 ~ 20min. The design of the dryer shall meet the following requirements: (1) The drying time shall not be too long and shall not exceed 10min; (2) The temperature shall be kept at 30 ~ 40 ℃, and the humidity shall not exceed 80%. During the operation of the equipment, a signal called heat will be sent to drive the conversion of some materials in the furnace. The drying device can adopt two methods: one is to add appropriate desiccant to the dryer to keep the stability of baking materials; The second is to control the concentration of baking materials by using the airflow in the toaster. After wood processing, it needs to be strictly cleaned. The drying device of the drying equipment shall meet the following conditions: The drying unit needs to be able to make proper use of water vapor and can work under the condition that the humidity is 50%-80%. Shuntec wood drying equipment can achieve radio interference, which is unattended and can be transformed and customized according to user requirements.