How much is a household fruit dryer?

How much does a household fruit dryer cost: There are many factors affecting the price of fruit dryers, whether it is the plate material or model size of the fruit dryer shown to you.

The first factor that affects the price of fruit dryers is the output size, and the second is the choice of heat source for fruit dryers. Common heat source methods: air energy heat pump, electric heating, coal, gas, oil, firewood, biomass particles, etc. The third is the material of the fruit dryer, the fourth is the drying process, and the fifth is the preferential price.

The configuration of fruit dryers is a fruit dryer host, air energy heat pump, drying car, baking tray, electric heating components, induced draft duct, fan, etc. The fruit dryer is based on material characteristics and customer needs. Tailor-made, one more structure, automatic monitoring of temperature and humidity, the quality of dried finished products is comparable to that of manual drying, higher than the output of drying, and the quality is good.

As the title says, how much does a fruit dryer cost? In fact, the simple way to fulfill this question is to find a regular and large-scale fruit dryer manufacturer, and ask the above questions from a face-to-face, fact-to-fact perspective without neglecting the details. The reason mentioned is the demand for the machine so that the manufacturer can give a slightly accurate price.