Where to buy a yellow peach dryer?

Summer is the season for fruit ripening, there are pineapples, apricots, watermelons, grapes, peaches, and all kinds of fruits.

Fruits are refreshing and tasty when eaten fresh~ With the upgrading of people’s tastes, various dried fruits have appeared in supermarkets now. In this way, we can eat the fruit in summer and dried fruit in other seasons, which is beautiful!

Do you know how dried fruit is made? Take yellow peach as an example, briefly describe the process of drying yellow peach in a fruit dryer to satisfy the curiosity of friends.

Now the process of drying yellow peach in the yellow peach dryer is shared as follows:

1. Clean the fresh yellow peaches and remove the bad parts.

2. Cut evenly into small pieces and place them on the tray of the yellow peach dryer. The tray material is food grade and will not pollute the yellow peach.

Because of different origins and varieties, yellow peach colors are also different.

Drying stage 1: The initial low-temperature heating and dehumidification, the humidity is about 60%, and the temperature is about 42 degrees

Drying stage 2: Slowly heating up, the humidity is reduced to about 30%, and the temperature is about 50 degrees

Drying stage 3: Fix the color and control the humidity, and the humidity should be maintained at about 15%.

There are many types of dryers on the market now, and you need to choose the difference. You need to consider the size of the site according to your own drying needs. Shuntec Machinery has accumulated many customers and drying process experience as a yellow peach dryer manufacturer. You can contact us for consultation. You are welcome to bring materials to test the machine!