Introduction of the split and integral machine of Guangxi tobacco leaf dryer

Introduction of the split and the whole machine of the tobacco dryer: Today, I will share with you what is the split of the tobacco dryer and what is the whole machine of the tobacco dryer.

First of all, how many types of tobacco leaf dryers can be divided? What is their work like and which is more efficient? This should be a question that many smokers think about before baking tobacco leaves, so today we will introduce the types of Shuntec’s mechanical heat pump tobacco leaf dryer manufacturers.

The main types are split type and integral type.

Split machine: In simple terms, it consists of two machine owners, one absorbs heat outside and the other emits heat inside, which is equivalent to our air conditioner. The outside is the evaporator, and the inside condenser is responsible for releasing heat and evaporating. The device is responsible for absorbing heat.

Integral machine: The evaporator and the condenser are installed together, and they are not separated when drying.

The advantages and disadvantages of split type and integral type:

1. Split type

Advantages: Inexpensive, affordable, flexible installation

Disadvantages: low energy efficiency, troublesome installation, ambient temperature restricts energy consumption, ambient temperature >15°C, energy efficiency can reach 1 degree of electricity to remove 2kg of water;

2. Integral

Advantages: easy installation

Disadvantages: not flexible enough, ambient temperature restricts energy consumption

The use of the air energy heat pump heating method to dry tobacco leaves has high heat; coupled with hot air circulation, not only the heat utilization rate of the system is high, but also the temperature and humidity in the tobacco room are uniform, and the ventilation and moisture removal are smooth, which is conducive to the yellowing of tobacco leaves. After it is sufficient, it will be transferred to fix the color to improve the quality of tobacco leaves. Since the box body is kept sealed, the CO2 released in the tobacco leaves increases the CO2 content in the box, which is conducive to the yellowing of the tobacco leaves and the formation of aroma substances, so that the internal quality and appearance quality of the cured tobacco leaves are good, and the aroma quality of the tobacco leaves is improved!