Heat pump dryers operate in cold regions and run entirely on compressors

The heat pump dryer operates in cold areas and can also absorb external heat. It relies on the powerful operation of the compressor. The compressor is the most important among the four major components of heat pump drying. The compressor is like the heat pump. Like the heart, the operation of the compressor depends on the operation of the compressor, so how does the compressor operate in a cold area?

1. DC frequency conversion

The compressor realizes the problem of providing heat in cold areas through DC frequency conversion. When the compressor is running, it increases the air intake of the compressor and increases the refrigerant (that is, refrigerant) to achieve a breakthrough in operating in a lower temperature environment, especially if It is a DC compressor with a jet.

2. The broadband operation, good stability

If the heat pump dryer wants to operate in cold areas, it is necessary to choose the “wide” operating range of the DC compressor, which can meet the stable operation of various conditions. Even in a harsher environment, it can run at low frequency and reduce the speed to smoothly pass through difficult times and avoid downtime.

3. Shorten the defrosting interval

Under low-temperature conditions, due to the continuous low-frequency operation of the DC inverter compressor, the cooling load of the evaporator is small, the temperature of the coil is uniform, the frosting is slow, and the amount of frosting is small. Even when defrosting is required, it can quickly defrost by outputting the maximum defrosting capacity, greatly shorten the defrosting cycle, and effectively ensure the heating capacity in winter.

4. Efficient operation

The DC inverter compressor adopts a 6-pole medium coil motor and rare earth permanent magnets. The motor is small in size and high in efficiency. At the same time, the DC inverter compressor has higher operating efficiency in various frequency bands, especially when it is under load high.