Misunderstandings about drying materials made by drying equipment

The function of the dryer is to make the moisture of the material drying to a certain range. The moisture content of different materials is different, and the purpose of drying is also different. Therefore, how can we control the moisture content of the material during the drying process? Let’s analyze it in detail.

Some users may have some misunderstandings about the drying equipment. In fact, during the drying process, it does not mean that the moisture content of the material should be completely dried, but means the moisture content should be controlled within a certain range according to the different properties of the material thus the dried materials can be better stored, transported or used. When purchasing drying equipment, it is better to choose the appropriate model according to the moisture content and output of the materials you want to drying. In theory, the air inside the furnace is hotter, the faster the hot air drawn into the drum can dry the material. However, there are some exceptions, such as lignite. The ignition point of lignite is very low, and spontaneous combustion might be occurred if the temperature is at 270°C. Therefore, it is difficult to control the temperature when lignite is dried. When drying different materials, it is better to choose the most suitable drying solution according to the different characteristics of the materials. Different materials need to retain different moisture content at the end, and it should be varies from material to material.