The promotion of heat pump dryer equipment gradually replaces boilers and coal-fired drying

With the advancement of the coal-to-electricity conversion process in northern China, air source heat pumps have been widely used in the drying field in addition to their success in the heating field. In the first quarter of this year, State Grid Henan Electric Power Co., Ltd. relied on “packaged transactions” to strengthen the coordination of business expansion and electric energy substitution. It added 434 key electric energy substitution projects and sold 3.984 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. In the first quarter of this year, Henan Power promoted 1,452 coal-fired boilers, clean heating for residents, electrification of agricultural production, and closure of self-supplied power plants in the province’s electricity substitution projects to implement “packaging transactions”, replacing the contracted power of 4.48 billion kWh, year-on-year increase of 694.32 %.

Henan Power will take the initiative to communicate and report, and strive for the government to introduce new policies for electric energy substitution in areas such as thermal storage and electric heating, agricultural heat pump drying, agricultural breeding electric insulation, low-temperature storage of agricultural products, and coal-fired self-supplied power plants to increase customer participation enthusiasm. Expand alternative areas such as electric flue-cured tobacco, electric tea, grain electric drying, wood heat pump drying, and fruit and vegetable cold storage storage in key areas, and create electric flue-cured tobacco, Xinyang electric tea, Luohe wood electric drying, Sanmenxia apple cold storage preservation, etc. A number of demonstration bases promote the electrification of agricultural production and processing.