Process Method Of Hairtail Drying

The purpose of drying the hairtail is to store it for longer. If it is not dried, the hairtail will stink after a day or a few hours, so drying the hairtail is very important, so how does the hairtail work? To dry it? Today we will learn about hairtail drying and drying equipment and the method of drying hairtail.

Hairtail dryer equipment:

7P Integral heat pump dryer upper air supply

Drying weight: 1000-1500 catties

Drying room specifications: 25-30 cubic meters

Air outlet mode: downward air supply and upper return air

Control screen: a 7-inch control screen, computer intelligent control

Machine features: convenient, fast, energy saving, environmental protection, labor-saving

The first step is to salvage mature hairtail.

The second step is laparotomy. When doing laparotomy, it should be noted that the liver must be cleaned up, and the requirements must be clean and free of foreign bodies.

The third step is salting. This step is more important. If this step is not handled properly, it will lead to the phenomenon that the hairtail cannot be dried, and it will also cause the fish to stink.

The fourth step is to control the drying time. Generally, the drying time for hairtail is 22-28 hours. While holding the time, it is necessary to control the temperature.

The general temperature is divided into two stages for drying:

(1) In the stage, control, the temperature is about 20 ℃, and the humidity is generally about 40%.

(2) The temperature in the stage is generally 35~40℃, and the humidity is controlled between 15%.


The drying of the hairtail mainly controls the drying temperature of the dryer equipment and the drying time of the fish. When drying the hairtail, we have to divide it into two stages for drying. If we directly dry it at one time, will destroy the appearance of the hairtail, so it should be dried in sections and gradually heated up and dried.