System failures that often occur when meat dryer equipment is drying

When we use the meat dryer to dry meat, we sometimes encounter some small problems. Although the occurrence of such problems will not affect the drying of meat, these small problems will become big after a long time. Today we have learned about the common faults of multi-connection systems:

The meat dryer equipment does not work

There are many reasons. When the air conditioner does not work, we can check the following items first:

1. Whether the power supply is not turned on.

2. Is the remote control broken?

3. Whether the working parameters are set incorrectly.

4. Whether there is electromagnetic interference near the indoor unit so that the signal cannot be received correctly. Meat dryers experience a series of system failures while drying.

The oven temperature does not meet the design requirements

1. The indoor host load is too small. If the load of the indoor main engine is too small, the suction pressure of the compressor will be too high, so that the temperature of the exhaust gas after compression is higher than the set value.

2. Refrigerant shortage.

3. The pipeline is blocked and the indoor unit filter is blocked.

4. The compressor lacks lubricating oil.

5. There is air in the tube because the amount of refrigerant is unstable.

Hot and cold in the oven

The phenomenon of sudden cold and sudden heat occurs because the cooling capacity is unstable, and the reason for the unstable cooling capacity may be:

1. There is a lack of refrigerant in the tube, which cannot meet the cooling demand of the room.

2. There is air in the tube, the refrigerant does not flow smoothly in the tube, and the flow is large and small.

3. The refrigerant distributor is damaged and cannot provide heat to the oven normally.

Common reasons for a meat dryer, not heating are:

1. The four-way valve is connected to the air, that is, the refrigerant in the four-way valve enters the exhaust pipe. The four-way valve series air will increase the pressure and temperature entering the low-pressure side and the compressor, the increase of suction pressure will increase the load of the compressor, the operating current will increase, and the high-pressure pressure and exhaust temperature after compression will be higher than normal values.

2. The connection and wiring of the low-voltage pressure sensor are wrong or the characteristic value is abnormal. The device cannot act correctly according to the parameters.