Several methods to improve the drying effect of the dryer for rice

Among various rice drying equipment, the type of mobile roller has high efficiency and flexibility, and the drying effect is better than other equipment. Rice is a kind of heat-sensitive material. In terms of rice puffed food we usually eat, it is produced by heating rice, but we should store it before drying the rice, if the drying effect is not very well, it’s easy to make rice into popcorn, which is not the rice farmers want. Therefore, what methods should we use to improve the drying effect of the rice dryers and avoid producing popcorn when drying the rice?

1. Improve the processing You can’t be in a hurry to dry the rice. You need to adopt a step-by-step drying method, that is, the dryer’s speed can’t be too fast. The rice needs to stay in the dryer for 30 ~ 40 minutes before the water can be evaporated evenly, afterward, there will be no excessive explosion occur during the drying process.

2. Reduce the temperature. Some customers feel that the drying speed is slow, so they think they can speed up the drying speed after increasing the temperature. In fact, increasing the temperature will only increase the speed of drying the rice surface, but will not evaporate the internal water. At the later stage of drying, the rice will be broken on the surface and the internal water is still significant.

3. Stabilize the voltage. A large amount of wet steam generated by the rice dryer in the drying process is pumped out of the machine through the fan. To ensure that the machine is always kept in dried condition, the voltage must be stabilized to make the fan run at a uniform speed and maintain good air absorption efficiency.