The influence of grain dryer on agricultural development

It is the season for rice harvesting, but if it is the rainy season that comes with frequent rainfall, then many farmers’ newly harvested rice will become mildewed or even rotted because they cannot be dried, resulting in heavy losses. In this case, the bumper harvest turns out that many farmers not only did not increase their income but actually lose a lot. The drying process, as a post-harvest treatment process, is an important part of contributing to a bumper harvest. The phenomenon that a high yield of corn without a bumper harvest, or an increase in production without efficiency increase, is an important obstacle for promoting the farmer to grow grain.

At present, farmers generally use sun-drying methods for storing grains. However, the sun drying method not only increases the impurities of the grain, but also reduces the quality of the grain, and the processing capacity is limited, meanwhile, it is also limited by weather conditions, and is labor-intensive and time-consuming drying method. Taking rice as an example, if use the drying equipment for drying, it can accurately control the moisture of the grain, could have high rice yield and good quality. If the rice is naturally dried by sunshine, the moisture content of drying is uneven, and it is prone to mildew in stacking and storage. The rice milling rate is low, and there are many impurities such as stones mixed with rice. In addition, the labor cost is high and the drying space is tight. Therefore, the cost of the natural drying method far exceeds that of the mechanical drying method.

From the development perspective, it is the general trend that mechanical drying methods will replace the natural drying method. Some specialist agrees that it is worth noting that after the grain is harvested every year, due to climate reasons, the loss of production caused by germination and germination is as high as about 5%. all of these phenomena derive from the reason that the farmers are too late to dry the crops in the sun or the drying method did not make the corn reach the safe moisture for storage, resulting in mildew. This will result in direct economic loss. Therefore, should be paying attention to the mechanized development of grain drying, which can minimize grain loss and is an important guarantee for creating a bumper grain harvest and increasing farmers’ income.

The current situation of the dryers for corn: A dryer for corn with a capacity of 10 tons is generally RMB100,000, which costs about RMB250 per ton of grain to dry. Secondly, the operation mechanism of centralized drying is not perfect. A single batch for drying at one time is generally about 10 tons. Therefore, the grain produced by one farmer’s household is usually not enough for filling one warehouse, thus the farmer needs to mix its produced grain with the grain produced by other farmers. However, the moisture, variety, and quality of each grain are different, thus It is difficult to control the grains in drying in a unified way, and when the grains are mixed together, it is impossible to distinguish them, and the farmers are not willing to mix together.

The dryers which are suitable for a single farmer are sort of supply, and the dryer’s price is relatively high, thus several problems in terms of using the dryer for corn restrict the development of drying equipment in the agricultural industry.