If the initial moisture content of the dried wood before drying is very different, such as when the difference is more than 20%-30%.

The temperature is about 35~40℃, the baking time is 8~10 hours, and the humidity is controlled at 15%.

The waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney after being treated by the dust removal device.

It is a critical period when the moisture content of wood is about 30%. The drying process must be carried out smoothly.

Steam the rice noodles in a steamer from 100°C to 105°C for 3-5 minutes to ensure the rice noodles are cooked.

Each material cart can be loaded with 100 kg of cooked pig skin, totaling 800 kg. The temperature is set at 45C- -60°C, and the drying process is divided into three stages.

The temperature is set at 55C, the relative humidity is 10%, and the porcelain should be drying for 60 hours. After about 80 hours, the drying process is finished.

The smooth effect will not be achieved. The humidity should be kept at 65-70% to ensure that the board will not cracked.

The drying process should be dehumidified successively, and the drying moisture content should be controlled below 10%.

The low temperature stage, which is keeping the temperature at 34 ℃ – 40 ℃ for 4- 6 hours, with a small amount of dehumidification.