The temperature and moisture content of the material shall be measured when using the dryer

The temperature and moisture content of the material must be measured when the dryer is used. The technician proposes that during the drying process, the drying temperature must be controlled within the processing requirements. If the temperature is lower than the specified minimum temperature, the drying effect is poor and the production efficiency is low; if the temperature is higher than the specified maximum temperature, the grain will produce coke particles. At this time, the cold air regulator should be turned on. If the temperature cannot drop down within a short time, the induced draft fan should be turned off. After the temperature is normal, you can start the induced draft fan again.

During the processing period, we should frequently test the moisture content of the material. When the drying process starts, the moisture content should be tested every 5 minutes; after the drying process is stable, you can choose a sample, testing it every half an hour and record the result. If the moisture content does not meet the requirements, the feeding speed should be adjusted in time. The quality of the raw materials also affects the final drying quality. The initial materials entering into the dryer should be kept clean and contain as little as possible of debris, stones and other debris. Otherwise, it will waste energy and easily cause blockage and other device faults. Before entering the drying process, the initial moisture of the initial materials should be measured, and the materials with similar initial moisture should be combined into a batch for drying. You should reasonably arrange the drying process according to the initial moisture of each batch of materials to ensure that the moisture content of the dried materials is basically the same. In order to produce high quality products and create more value, please operate the dryer correctly and make good use of it.