Why does the drying material appears chapped?

Why the materials dried by the dryer appears chapped? During the drying process, the main factors that affect the drying effect are temperature, wind speed, drying time, and whether the materials are evenly dried. When the dryer is processing materials, if the temperature of the wind is too low, it will cause the drying time to be too long; if the temperature of the wind is too high, the drying time will be shortened, however, excessive temperature of the wind will cause the material to have a biochemical reaction. For example, the composition of the material changes. If the wind speed in the dryer is too slow when drying the material, the drying time will be prolonged, and the material may shrink, which will affect the quality of the dried materials. If the wind speed is too fast, it will also cause the dried materials appears chapped. If the wind speed is too fast, the drying speed will become faster, and the material will not be dried uniformly, and it will cause part of the material with excessive temperature and low water content. If the temperature of part of the material is too low, it will cause a high moisture content, and the drying quality will not meet the requirements. In the case of special drying of a certain material, the air temperature and wind speed in the dryer can be easily determined and controlled. However, if the material is not a single type, the uniformity will be more difficult to control. If the dry humidity of different materials is very different, it will seriously affect the quality of the dried materials. At this time, the air distribution in the material ventilation layer is required to be extremely uniform.