The relationship between energy consumption and dryer’s structure

The drying process occurred in the dryer is both of an energy transfer process and a balance process. After the wet material enters to the dryer, it firstly absorbs a large amount of heat to make the material temperature rise sharply, and the energy conversion starts after the surface water evaporates continuously.

How to make the material fully conduct heat transfer process with the heat medium? It depends on whether the feeding device can increase the occupation rate of the material on the cross section of the cylinder when the material is scattered and diffused. Only if the material is evenly distributed on the cross section of the cylinder can it form a greater resistance to the hot air flow when it is diffused. At the same time, increasing the stagnation time of the material during the dispersing process will increase the resistance to the hot air flow, thus the heat exchange effect is better. At this time, if the time that the material stays in the cylinder is short, the load per unit time is light, thus the power consumption is relatively small.