Which parts of the dryer need to be cleaned regularly?

The dryer for grain needs regular inspection and maintenance, and the purpose is to determine whether it has malfunctions, and to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment. In many cases, various problems of the grain dryers was caused because the cleaning and maintenance work has not done very well.

Regarding the cleaning of the dryer for grain, some aspects will be ignored by people. If the dryer is not cleaned for a long time, there will be many safety hazards. Which parts of the dryer shall be cleaned? It mainly include bearings, dust collectors, and feeding inlets. Everyone knows that the bearing rotates for a long time when the dryer is working. The rotation power comes from the process that the motor drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the base. There are two large bearings over the base. The rotation of the bearings drives the rotation of the cylinder. However, the bearing needs to be lubricated regularly. if the debris in the dryer has not been cleaned in time, plus with long-term friction and oil nature of dust-absorbing ability, the bearing will be worn and the production capacity of the dryer will be negatively influenced.

The dust collector is a filtering device. Outwardly, its function is to remove dust, however, the impurities attached to the dust collector shall be cleaned up regularly, otherwise, the dust collector will be blocked, which will seriously affect the dust removal effect. Regarding the feeding port, since the material at the feeding port is wet and prone to adhesion, it should be cleaned regularly as well, or long-term adhesion will cause inconvenience to clean up, which will bring negative influence on the cleaning and maintenance effect.

It is not difficult to see that if the dryer is not regularly cleaned and maintained, it will inevitably cause a lot of troubles. Timely making a through clean can not only improve the cleanliness of the dryer, but also greatly increase the service life of the equipment.