A food dryer is a kind of equipment for mass and continuous production. The main heating methods include electric heating, steam heating, and hot air heating. The primary principle is to lay the materials evenly on the mesh belt with 12-60 holes. The materials are driven by the transmission device to move back and forth in the machine. The hot air flows through the materials, and the steam is discharged from the moisture discharge hole. The box length is composed of standard sections. In order to save the place, the drying machine could be made into multi-layer type, and the common types include two rooms with three floors, two rooms with five floors, which is 6-40 meters in length, and 0.6-3.0 meters in width.

It is continuous drying equipment, which can be widely used in the chemical industry, food, medicine, building materials, electronics, and other occupations. It is especially suitable for drying processing of flake, strip, and granular materials with good air permeability. For paste materials such as filter cake, it could also be dried after they are molded by granulator or extruder.

The characteristic of food dryer
1. low cost, fast speed drying, and high transpiration intensity.
2. high efficiency, high production capacity, high quality of drying products. It is a mass and continuous drying machine.

Autumn is a bumper grain harvest season, and it is also a good drying season with a clear sky! At this time, farmers are busy picking the fruits: hawthorn, longan, red jujube, medlar, chestnut, persimmon… It is also a good time to make flower tea, chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, osmanthus tea, etc. Farmers are busy, people are busy as well! The heat pump high-temperature drying machine specially used for some crops, fruits and vegetables, flower tea, and traditional Chinese medicines could save more than 30% of energy consumption, comparing the general heat pump dehumidification drying machines. Therefore, it saves the operation cost greatly. Meanwhile, it uses a medium and low-temperature drying method (normal temperature is 70 degrees), which means it runs like natural drying. The dried materials are of good quality, have good color, have no pollution, and better meet the requirements of environmental protection. In the drying process, the machine will keep material from deforming, cracking, changing color, degenerating, and the materials will have a long storage period.

The traditional drying methods, such as natural air drying, drying by wind, oil-fired coal-fired boiler, electric heating, etc., can not meet our demand for products quality. This requires Shuntec’s heat pump high-temperature drying machine could keep food in good rehydration and retain more nutrients. Shuntec food dryer is much more useful than any traditional drying equipment in the field of protecting the color, aroma, taste, shape, and use ingredients of the dried foods.