What brand of heat pump dryer is good?

Air energy heat pump dryers can dry a wide range of materials and can be used to dry fruits and vegetables, food (noodles, dried noodles), Chinese herbal medicines, seafood, condiments, industrial products, etc., so customers choose the brand of heat pump dryer. , You can’t just consider the brand, you must first understand what materials the customer wants to dry and the output of the drying. These two factors determine the drying process and the size of the heat pump drying equipment. We choose the box-type heat pump dryer or the mesh belt dryer according to the drying process the customer wants to use.

Determine the model, and see what brand of heat pump dryer is good? Consider the following points:

(1) Safety is better. Traditional dryers include wood-fired, coal-fired, and gas-fired ones. Although they can dry materials, they will have potential safety hazards during the work process. There have been news reports from time to time that traditional drying equipment has been used in some places. A fire in the drying process caused the loss of personnel, equipment, and property, which is a very painful lesson. Therefore, when customers choose drying equipment, safety is an important issue to consider. The heat pump dryer is just like its name, using heat pump air to supply heat source, and the safety in drying is greatly improved.

(2) Energy saving. The customer’s drying material will not be a few kilograms, ranging from a few hundred kilograms to a few tons. Energy saving is a long-term issue for customers to consider. The main engine of the heat pump dryer consumes one kilowatt-hour of electricity and can generate heat generated by electric heating that consumes three kilowatt-hours of electricity. Accumulation for a long time will save a lot of electricity for customers and save a lot of electricity bills. This is what customers need to consider.

(3) Conducive to environmental protection. In recent years, we can see from the news and the life around us that environmental protection and sustainable development have become more and more popular, and they have become more and more popular, ranging from garbage sorting to the large factory and mine renovation. Therefore, when choosing a heat pump dryer, you should consider whether it will pollute the environment around you during the production process after you buy this equipment.

(4) Drying effect. No matter what brand of heat pump dryer you buy, the purpose is to dry beautiful, high-quality materials with more economic value, so not only listen to the sales staff to explain to you but also depends on the actual drying of the drying equipment. What is the specific dry effect? Here, if you are interested in investigating, you can bring the material to the manufacturer for a test machine, and then buy it after you are satisfied.