What is the reason for the low thermal efficiency of the air source heat pump drying mechanism?

1. High heating temperature and low efficiency

The general heating temperature of the air energy heat pump dryer is about 55 degrees, because the higher the heating temperature requirement, the slower the temperature rise in the high-temperature section, and the lower the heating efficiency and energy consumption of the air energy heat pump dryer. Under this circumstance, the target water temperature should be lowered as much as possible, and the air source heat pump should be used reasonably.

2. Low condenser scaling efficiency

If the low-temperature coolant enters the evaporator and exchanges heat with the air, if the air dust is large, the evaporator dust will affect the heat transfer efficiency of the air-energy heat pump dryer after long-term use, and the evaporator can be cleaned with soapy water; When the groundwater quality is poor, the compressor produces high-temperature refrigerant and the condenser exchanges heat, the condenser coil will form a scale, the thermal conductivity will decrease, the heat transfer efficiency will decrease, and the heat accumulation in the compressor will cause high-pressure protection.

3. Low heating efficiency at low temperature

When the working environment temperature of the unit is lower than 5 degrees, the air source heat pump dryer will defrost once every hour, and the default frosting time is 10 minutes. Generally, a four-way valve is used to change the direction of the refrigerant medium. The high-temperature refrigerant produced by the compressor directly enters the evaporator to defrost, and the air-energy heat pump dryer increases energy consumption by changing heating to cooling.