When does the dryer need to be shut down for processing?

In our daily life, when there is a circuit failure, we sometimes need to cut off the power supply. In terms of our drying equipment, what kind of device failure will lead the drying machine to be shut down for processing?

For any kind of equipment, it does not mean that if the quality of the equipment is good, then it will have fewer failures. Therefore, you should keep daily care and maintenance for your drying equipment. When there are some device failures occurs, we need to deal with it by shutting down the machine and to make it resume normal production again. The detailed failures are as follows:

1.the conveying equipment is malfunctioning

2.the dryer cylinder is heavily agitated

3.When the fuel is cut off and the feed is cut off, our drying equipment will stop supplying hot air, and it shall be shut down at this time.

4. the temperature of the bearing exceeds 60℃

5.Irregular vibration or noise of the reducer and motor has been occurred, and the reducer or the motor has been becoming heated.