White Pine Dryer Drying Cost

The white pine wood dryer is a kind of dryer equipment specially used for drying white pine wood. It is dryer equipment produced by using the principle of heat pump drying. If you use pine, you will save a lot of money. Then someone asks, how much can you save?

We need to know that the white pine wood dryer equipment uses the air heat on the outside for drying when drying, and only a small amount of electricity is needed to drive the operation of the dryer equipment so that the drying can generate high-temperature High pressure gas to dry the white pine wood dryer equipment.

From the above, we can see that the white pine wood dryer equipment consumes only electricity when drying, so the electricity required by each region is also different, but it is not much different. Below is our drying case.

There are 2 sets of 6P Buddha incense dryers. The drying equipment has 3 waste heat recovery functions. The Buddha incense drying room can dry 2500 catties of Buddha incense in one batch. The drying temperature is controlled within 60 degrees of medium and low temperature. After drying, the Buddha incense loses half its weight. One 6P dryer consumes about 6 kWh of electricity per hour, and two sets consume 12 kWh of electricity per hour. According to the above drying time of 10 hours, if the electricity cost is 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour, the electricity cost per kilogram of finished Buddha incense is only 0.048 yuan, which is less than 5 cents.

Advantages of white pine dryer equipment drying:

1. Drying, the efficiency is increased by more than 200% compared with the traditional equipment, and the drying time is greatly shortened;

2. Compared with the hot air circulation oven, the energy consumption can be saved by more than 80%;

3. The uniformity of the product is higher, and the quality and color of the dried product are better;

4. It has the function of online cleaning or immersion cleaning, and the design of a mobile feeder is more convenient for cleaning;

5. A fully automatic control system, the man-machine interface of the whole system is simple to work, and parameters can be set in sections to realize more complex technological processes and ensure drying efficiency and speed.