Guangdong Tobacco Dryer Development

Compared with the intensive flue-cured tobacco that requires manual coal addition, the air-energy tobacco leaf dryer adopts large-scale integrated circuits and digital temperature sensors, which have high test accuracy and fast speed. Stable performance, easy to use, built-in manual adjustment and automatic drying process, can perform temperature and humidity monitoring and alarm reminders for tobacco drying rooms with different growth conditions, which further ensures the drying quality of tobacco leaves.

In the heat pump drying market, many manufacturers cannot directly customize, basically they are used according to what the manufacturer has already done. This is more cost-effective, but sometimes it cannot meet the needs of customers, and it is necessary to carry out customer This is something that many manufacturers cannot complete because if it is to be made according to the needs of users, it requires a solid team to make it. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the introduction that can meet the needs of users and can be customized according to user needs. To formulate manufacturers of tobacco leaf dryers.

Shuntec’s product research and development concept: to concentrate all efforts to make tobacco leaf dryer products serve all walks of life, and to create sexy heat pump products with “innovative and personalized” elements in the dream industry.

This is a diversified company with three primary services: pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale.

Pre-sale: According to the user’s needs, the tobacco leaf dryer is formulated for the user.

On sale: When installing a tobacco leaf dryer, assist users in solving the problem of tobacco leaf drying

After-sales: Any problems with the tobacco leaf dryer can be solved for the user.