A hot air mushroom dryer is a very important process in mushroom processing

A hot air mushroom dryer is a very important process in mushroom processing. Traditional mushroom processing plants use natural drying, which is affected by many sites and weather. The drying cycle and product quality are very unstable and are not under human control at all. . Some manufacturers still use coal-fired boilers to dry shiitake mushrooms. Boilers have serious pollution to the environment and shiitake mushrooms, and the cost of energy is high, which greatly increases the cost of drying shiitake mushrooms.

The whole shiitake drying machine produced by Shuntec Machinery uses air energy as the core power, uses the air to convert into hot air, and uses the hot air to dry the shiitake mushrooms. The main process is to put the shiitake mushrooms on a plate and put them on the grill, and then send them to the hot air shiitake mushroom dryer for drying. The large and thick ones with high water content should be placed on the upper layer, and the small and thin ones with low water content should be placed on the lower layer. Generally placed 8 to 10 layers. If it is placed too much, it is easy to cause the uneven heating temperature of the materials on the upper, middle, and lower layers. The spacing between each layer should be 30 cm. After the mushrooms are sent into the hot air mushroom dryer, they should be continuously dried until the drying is completed. The heating should not be interrupted, and the temperature should not be high or low.

As a professional hot air mushroom dryer manufacturer, we know that mushroom drying is very particular and is a specialized technology. General mushroom processing enterprises often pay high salaries to hire mushroom drying technicians. For mushroom farmers, it is also very necessary to master the drying technology. If the drying technology is good, the average currency per kilogram is about 5 yuan higher. For those who do not understand drying technology, it is possible to scrap the good mushrooms by baking. Shuntec Machinery can provide users and friends with a professional one-stop solution for drying mushrooms. If you are interested, you can call the official website hotline for consultation.