Do you still worry about whether the cost of such a square bamboo shoot dryer will be greatly increased?

According to the Shuntec staff through the Internet, “At present, most large factories in southern my country use electric heating ovens. Regardless of the drying effect, the high power consumption and high cost will lead to product drying quality problems. Small-scale Most of the square bamboo shoot processing factories uses natural drying or air-drying methods, which have long production cycles, low efficiency, and are greatly affected by the weather.

Mr. Liu, a processing manufacturer of square bamboo shoots, took into account the comprehensive economic benefits, rational utilization of resources, and the effect of drying, and learned about the square bamboo shoot dryer produced by Shuntec Machinery. This square bamboo shoot dryer is a drying machine for conventional bamboo shoots. The 2018 new drying products upgraded on the basis of the machine usually use 6P and 12P air energy units. A 6P machine can dry about 1000 patties of square bamboo shoots at a time. Under normal circumstances, the temperature in the drying room should not exceed 75 °C, and the drying environment temperature should be controlled within the range of 0-43 °C. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the weight of the bamboo shoots according to the dry humidity, size, and thickness of the bamboo shoots themselves, and the unit configuration and parameter settings also need to be reasonably adjusted for the ambient temperature and humidity.

Shuntec Machinery inquired about the knowledge of relevant materials and learned that: “The square bamboo shoots mainly grow in the plateau mountains at an altitude of 1400 to 2500 meters. They are square in shape and have edges and corners. It is a rare thing that grows from the aura of nature. It is only produced in the Jinfo Mountain National Primitive Ecological Nature Reserve in Nanchuan District, Chongqing City, Qingba Mountain, Baizhi Mountain, Yunnan Zhaotong, and other places in Tongzi County, Guizhou.” Mr. Liu’s comprehensive design plan for drying bamboo shoots was fully approved by Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu said: “At present, there is a lack of successful drying experience in the field of square bamboo shoot drying in China, so whether it is a small household bamboo shoot farmer or a large factory, whether the quality of the square bamboo shoot dryer can be guaranteed and whether the cost will be high. However, after visiting your Shuntec Machinery Factory, my confidence has increased a lot, because bamboo shoots are of a wide variety and grow very seasonally, the price you gave me is acceptable, and the technical square bamboo shoot drying plan designed by the staff completely solved my concerns, so I bought 6 sets of this square bamboo shoot dryer from your side.”

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