Matsutake mushroom dryer, a new product in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, is beyond imaginatio

To develop the national economy, we must focus on the real economy and accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries. The new pine mushroom and shiitake mushroom dryer produced by Shuntec Machinery is a new product of the traditional machinery manufacturing industry. , convenience, environmental protection” in one, the powerful working ability is beyond imagination!

Matsutake, also known as pine mushrooms, pine mushrooms, combined bacteria, Taiwan bacteria, etc., is a rare and precious natural medicinal mushroom in the world, and is known as the “king of fungi”. Shiitake mushrooms, also known as flower mushrooms, Hericium Erinaceus, shiitake mushrooms, Xiang Xin, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc., are the fruiting bodies of the Pleurotus mushroom, the second largest edible mushroom in the world. Different from the traditional mushroom dryer, the Matsutake mushroom dryer has a more diverse configuration scheme to meet the drying requirements of different users. There is only what you can’t use, and there is no standard that the pine mushroom drying machine can’t reach. The random configuration of the host equipment can intelligently and automatically adjust the drying temperature curve according to your own needs. The dried pine mushrooms have various standards, and the quality is Excellent, to meet the needs of different industries.

What are the characteristics of the Matsutake mushroom dryer?

1. Different from ordinary drying products, the Matsutake mushroom dryer adopts a double-door device on one side, and the whole machine is equipped with a dryer trolley, which reduces the drying downtime and improves the production output of the equipment, which is unconventional.

2. Say goodbye to the traditional single drying principle, the built-in imported intelligent compressor is similar to the principle of air conditioning, the temperature can be high or low, to meet the drying requirements of different users.

3. By increasing the operating frequency of the speed, the production efficiency can be effectively improved.

The times are progressing, and Shuntec Machinery also has its own mission and tasks. We adhere to the principle of honesty and have professional masters to introduce you to the skills of using the Matsutake mushroom dryer to ensure that customers buy their own products and reduce the waste of resources. Reduce the wear and tear of the machine, reduce the maintenance cost, and reduce the cost.