How to solve the screeching sound of the heat pump unit?

When using the heat pump in many cases, the heat pump unit will make a chirping sound, which is very similar to the sound of a pressure cooker. The user is worried that there will be an explosion or the like, so he unplugs the power supply. The next day, the unit runs. No, why is this happening? This is because the heat exchanger and fins were frozen, so they had to contact the after-sales maintenance personnel. The user thawed the heat exchanger and the fins, so why does the heat pump unit make a “chichi” sound?

Because the air heat pump heats the hot water by absorbing the heat energy of the outside air through the compressor, there is an exhaust and suction process in this process. When the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will stop running. After the compressor is stopped, because of the pressure difference between the exhaust and the suction, the system will be balanced by the expansion valve or the capillary, during which a “chichi” sound will be heard.

Summary: When using the heat pump unit, users should not cut off the power supply unless it is a last resort. Cutting off the power supply may cause damage to the heat pump unit.