How To Choose A Good White Pine Dryer Manufacturer?

With the continuous development of heat pump technology, there are more and more manufacturers of heat pump dryer equipment, and the same model is becoming more and more serious. So how do we keep our eyes open when buying dryer equipment? Today we will learn how to choose a good white pine dryer manufacturer.

1. Drying principle

From the drying principle, if you are not buying a real heat pump dryer equipment, the power consumption will be higher when drying, then it will not use the heat pump to dry, but use electricity After heating and drying, let’s take a look at what is the real heat pump drying principle.

Shuntec’s new white pine wood dryer is heated by compressed air (adjustable temperature in the drying room: 5℃-75℃, adjustable humidity: 5%-95%), no need to burn coal, no firewood, no charcoal, No boiler, no steam. The air wood board dryer only needs a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor to obtain the required high-temperature heat. It is convenient, hygienic, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, free of exhaust gas emissions, and running electricity costs, and does not require personnel to be on duty during fully automatic operation. An energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying solution.

2. Equipment type

The type of equipment is also a more important factor. For example, the place where we dry is in relatively narrow air. If your equipment is relatively simple, then such drying conditions cannot be met.

There are many types and styles of white pine dryer equipment in Shuntec, such as split type, integral type, etc. These can be used flexibly so that the drying place is not limited.

3. Good service

If there are some problems with your dryer equipment after purchase, you can’t find the reason, call for a consultation, and can’t find after-sales service, then it is more troublesome for you to return to the factory.

A good white pine dryer equipment manufacturer needs to establish a market service department to provide services. Just like the white pine dryer equipment market service department in Shuntec, there is a special market service department 24 hours to answer.