What kind of situation may occurs when the dryer for corn is working? How to deal with it?

The dryer for corn is mainly used for drying high moisture grains such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, etc. It is suitable for farms, grain stations, and grain farmers. The drying rate is fast, the processing capacity is large, the shape and color of the grain crops after drying is great and easy to store, and the original nutrients and taste of the materials are not lost. Meanwhile, it has the effect of sterilization, which is more healthy, hygienic, and energy-saving, and is easy to install and operate. The dryer for corn consists of two parts: the main body of the small dryer and the biomass hot blast stove. The overall modular structure is easy to disassemble and transport, which is a small footprint. There are other advantages of the dryer for corn, such as good drying quality, low labor operation intensity, and low equipment cost. The structure of the dryer is a complete set, it can be mounted on the whole machine, or can be moved in a modularized manner, thus it is not restricted by regions, sites, and environments. The biomass hot blast stove uses corn stalks as fuel, and the furnace and the heat exchanger are integrated. The structure is compact, the energy consumption is low, the thermal efficiency is high, and the area is small, which is well-matched with the main body of the dryer. This small dryer is in line with the international requirement of grain drying quality, that is reducing energy consumption, in addition, such a dryer for corn is in line with the concept of green, quality, and fresh-keeping drying as well.

The methods and solutions for dealing with abnormal sounds when the dryer for corn is working:

① First of all, considering whether the problem is caused by small pieces of hard objects falling into the barrel of the dryer, the fault can be eliminated by shutting down the machine to remove the foreign objects.

② Secondly, if the bearing in the drum is loose due to the worn will also make abnormal noise. Stopping the machine to find the worn bearing and replace it with a new one to eliminate the fault.

③ If some parts of the corn dryer are loose, abnormal sounds may also occur. Stopping the machine to check and re-tighten the parts to solve the problem.

④ finally, the abnormal noise may be caused by a lack of lubricating grease in the large gear. Stopping the machine to check, and fill with lithium-based No. 2 grease to eliminate the fault.