Which is the best tobacco dryer manufacturer in Guangdong?

A tobacco leaf dryer is a very popular drying product in recent years, so why use a dryer to dry tobacco leaves? The main reason is in terms of the policy. In the past, most of the flue-cured tobacco used boilers for baking. Due to the use of large-scale coal power, a large number of boilers have been eliminated, but the tobacco drying market continues to have demand, then What to use to make up for this? That is the air heat pump tobacco dryer. The air heat pump tobacco dryer uses the heat in the air to bake the tobacco leaves.

Who are the manufacturers of tobacco leaf dryers? What kind of models do they have, and which ones are more premium?

For example, for the tobacco leaf dryer of Shuntec Machinery Company.

Main models: There are 14P split type and 14P integral type.

The parameters of the split-type tobacco leaf dryer are introduced as follows:

Model: AHRW 140S-U-ZY/AHRW 200S-U-ZY

Type: Tobacco Leaf Drying

Name: Special heat pump dryer for tobacco leaves

Structure: Split

Number of horses: 14P/20P

Summary: Using a heat pump dryer to bake tobacco leaves has the advantages of saving time and labor, energy saving, environmental protection, and no pollution, etc., and it can also be controlled by a computer to control temperature and humidity more intelligently.