What kind of air conditioning system is an air source heat pump?

The air source heat pump is thicker than the air conditioner. The air source heat pump can withstand the working temperature of 60°C, but the air conditioner can only reach 40°C.

Antifreeze and cleaning method of air energy heat pump

Pour the descaling agent of the air energy heat pump hot water system into the water storage bucket according to the ratio of 1:5-10, and circulate evenly. Turn on the main engine of the air energy heat pump, and circulate for 2-3 hours.

Winter antifreeze guide for air energy heat pump units

When the air energy heat pump is cooling in summer, the unit stops working when the water temperature is 0°C-10°C and starts working when the water temperature is higher than 15°C.

Does the air energy heat pump consume electricity?

Any air energy heating system installed according to professional design and specifications must save electricity compared with ordinary electric heating! Due to differences in the installation location, house insulation effect, and ambient temperature, the energy-saving effect will also vary accordingly.

Air energy heat pump basic knowledge training

Air energy: air is not a kind of energy, the form of energy includes electric energy, heat energy, solar energy, and so on. Heat pump: A device that uses high-level energy to flow heat from a low-level heat source to a high-level heat source

Air energy heat pump knowledge training

Principle of air source heat pump water heater: Heat pump technology is based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle. It is mainly composed of four parts: compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator.

Air energy heat pump maintenance

If the temperature drops, it will increase the time for the machine to heat the water. In case the overheating protection of the air energy water heater fails or the water pressure is too high, the pressure relief valve can ensure the safety of the unit.

Analysis of Air Energy Heat Pump

The technology adopted by the air source heat pump is an energy substitute that the world pays special attention to, and it is also one of the pure, green, and cost-effective heating methods after coal combustion, boiler oil, and water heater power consumption.

How much do you know about air energy heat pumps

The air energy heat pump is an imported product, which is called a heat pump abroad. In 1824, the French scientist Carnot proposed the Carnot cycle theory, which laid the theoretical foundation for the invention of the heat pump.

Shuntec Air energy heat pump heating system manufacturer

Air source heat pump: It is a kind of temperature adjustment equipment that uses the working principle of compression refrigeration cycle to produce (hot) wind or cold (hot) water with ambient air as the cold (heat) source.