Push it into the dryer to start drying, pay attention to the temperature is not too high, medium temperature is more suitable, usually, the initial temperature is about 50℃-55℃.

When drying in a drying room, a multi-layer rack should be set up to place the raw materials, the temperature should reach 32℃-42℃, and the water should be discharged.

The color-fixing stage should be done well. When the drying temperature reaches 42 °C, the leaves are all yellow, and when the drying temperature reaches 48 °C, the veins are all yellow.

Coal sludge is highly humid and highly adhesive, so it is tough to dry without drying it. After drying, peat can be used as fuel, but in addition to being used as fuel, it can also be used as raw material for production.

When using the heat pump unit, users should not cut off the power supply unless it is a last resort. Cutting off the power supply may cause damage to the heat pump unit.

The DC inverter compressor adopts a 6-pole medium coil motor and rare earth permanent magnets. The motor is small in size and high in efficiency.

Low energy efficiency, troublesome installation, ambient temperature restricts energy consumption, ambient temperature >15°C, energy efficiency can reach 1 degree of electricity to remove 2kg of water.

Main models: There are 14P split type and 14P integral type.
The parameters of the split-type tobacco leaf dryer are introduced as follows:
Model: AHRW 140S-U-ZY/AHRW 200S-U-ZY

There are 2 sets of 6P Buddha incense dryers. The drying equipment has 3 waste heat recovery functions. The Buddha incense drying room can dry 2500 catties of Buddha incense in one batch.

Shuntec’s product research and development concept: to concentrate all efforts to make tobacco leaf dryer products serve all walks of life, and to create sexy heat pump products.