The processing of coffee beans is to remove the peel, pulp and pectin of the coffee cherries, and then take out the shelled beans.

Leather is the non-perishable animal skin that has been processed by physical and chemical processes such as removing furs and tanning.

The barn was built with a size of 60 square meters, equipped with a fan wall with 16 fans.This way for supplying air is relatively uniform.

Toasting is a crucial technical link in flue-cured tobacco production. The three-step drying process of flue-cured tobacco is based on the basic principles of tobacco leaf curing.

Shuntec drying equipment for sludge can directly drying sewage or sludge with a moisture content of 83% into dried sludge with a moisture content of 10%-30%.

The first stage is set at 55 ℃, heated, and dried for 3 hours. The second stage is set at 60 ℃ to start dehumidification.

At the first stage, the temperature should be maintained around 20 degrees with the humidity degree is 40%.