Put the fish into the heat pump drying room. In general, the drying time of marine fish is about 22-28 hours.

The whole drying process can be finished in 3 stages. The first stage should set the temperature at 55°C, and the humidity is 45%.

In the fourth stage, the temperature is controlled at 68°C, the humidity is 10%, and the drying process is performed for 4 hours.

Choosing Shuntec open & closed loop dehumidification air source heat pump dryer for drying bamboo products is a wise choice.

Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the fresh cocoon layer is about 13-15%, and the moisture content of the pupa is about 73-77%.

The drying temperature at the first drying phase is 60°C-65°C and should keep for 6 hours, then place it at a room for 12-14 hours.

In the low-temperature drying stage, the temperature is 50°C, the humidity is 30%, and the time is about 6 hours.

According to the dryness, the time corresponding to 35℃-38℃ in the final stage can be appropriately extended by 1-2 hours.

Adjust the mode to drying mode, adjust the temperature to 65°C, and dry for 2 hours. The drying program ends.

Generally, it is required to bake at 35~40 degrees for 6 hours, 40~60 degrees for 8~10 hours, and 60 degrees for 2 hours.