The temperature is controlled between 38 ℃ and 42 ℃, and special attention should be paid to the excessive drying.

The temperature of the third stage rises to 60°C for 4 hours, and the moisture content should reach to 20%.

The initial moisture content of bitter gourd is about 90%, and the moisture content of dried bitter gourd slices is about 13%.

Which mean 120kg of moringa could be loaded in a car, thus a total of 750kg of moringa could be dried in one batch, and the drying time for each batch is 18-20 hours.

Set the drying temperature to 65°C, set the relative humidity to 12%. Adjust to the drying and dehumidification mode, and drying for 4 hours.

The papaya slices should be dried at 60 ℃-65 ℃, the time is set for 18 hours, and the system will continuously dehumidify until the drying is completed.

In the second stage, the temperature of the drying room is set at 40°C-45°C, and drying is performed for 2-3 hours.

The temperature of the drying room is controlled at 60°C-70°C for 20 hours, and the moisture content is controlled at 25-28%.

Post-drying:The temperature can be raised to 65 ℃ to continue drying, and the drying time should continue for 8-10 hours.

When the lotus seeds surface has water droplets oozing out, lower it to 40℃-50℃ and dry steadily, it should prevent the dried lotus seeds from turning yellow.