The drying temperature of pepper could be adjusted at 60℃-80℃. Nowadays, drying peppers in a phased manner is a superior method for drying pepper.

Setting the temperature of the heat pump dryer to medium-high temperature firstly, and then dehydrating and drying for 2-3 hours, afterward, it should be dehydrated and dried at a temperature of 60C°-70C° for 8-12 hours

It uses a set of 14-hp drying equipment units with a polyurethane drying room of 106 square meters for operation. The drying process are as follows: putting the pre-dried mushrooms on the drying tray. After leveling, the pallets were put into the material truck layer by layer.

Assuming that the power consumption is full load of 15KW per hour on the condition that the drying is completed within 12-14 hours, and that the electricity fee is 0.6 RMB/kWh, the drying cost is about 117 yuan, which is converted to 0.0585 RMB for per kilogram.

Shuntec heat pump dryer units to develop new process technology for preserved sausage. It uses 1 set of 14-hp dryer unit equipped with a polyurethane drying room with 100 square meter for operation.

Dehumidification and drying system recovers the latent heat of steam and the sensible heat of hot air, and no wasted heat has been discharged during the dehumidification and drying process.

18 sets of 10-hp closed-loop dehumidification dryer units were installed on site to process 22,500 kg of fresh golden chrysanthemum in a single batch.

Each set of equipment can dry fresh plums at the same time, which could dry 5000kg in total. The dry and fresh ratio is about 1:4.

a single drying room can dry 5000kg of fresh walnuts. 500g of fresh walnuts could dried into 300g of dried walnuts, which is estimated that 3000kg of dried walnuts can be obtained in a single drying room

Wudeli Flour Group Co. process dried noodles by using 12 sets of 10-hp Shuntec dryers, with a daily output of 36 tons (the maximum could up to 40 tons per day)